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Profiled Aluminium, Fibre Cement and Steel Roofing.

We specialize in profiled aluminium, fibre cement and steel roofing and cladding, (some of the profiles we can mill on site sheets up to 100m long) re-roofing, ventilation and associated sheet metal work.

Warehousing and Fencing.

Procurement and erection of structural steel warehousing and fencing for the Mining, Industrial, Petrochemical and Commercial markets.


Our company is managed on strict and fair business ethics, motivation, quality and  we deliver on time which we believe makes us the leaders in the field.



Cheeter Industrial Roofing strive to offer the best workmanship and service and use superior products and brands. We provide quality roofing, fencing
and steel structures, we also specialize in safe removal and product replacement of asbestos.